Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer

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Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer


Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer

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The CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech is a powerful redesign of previous Zhiyun gimbals with the addition of detachable handle options, more powerful motors with a large 14.3 lb payload, an updated axis-locking system, external power input, and the ViaTouch 2.0 remote control system. The 55° angled roll axis allows you to fit your camera without blocking the view, and it is also modular so you can add an included extension arm to fit larger cameras.

The CRANE 3S features an angled, ergonomic handle that provides two-handed operation for optimal stability. The handle enables you to seamlessly switch to underslung mode, whether with one or two hands, and achieve creative shots such as 330° roll shots as you move closer toward a subject. It also has numerous advanced features such as remote control of camera record/stop/shutter using the included cables, an improved zoom and focus system from its predecessor the CRANE 3 LAB, and compatibility with the separately available Transmount Image Transmission System for wireless video transmission. It can also accommodate a wide range of camera sizes by utilizing a separately available extension module to extend the horizontal arm.

The 3S has two options for the detachable, angled handle. Included is the SmartSling that offers an ergonomic handle with an integrated joystick and control buttons, and the optional EasySling provides a simple, comfortable handgrip without controls. All the controls you need are provided at your fingertips at the top of the main handle along with an OLED status screen. The free Zhiyun iOS/Android app provides many of the same control functions, as well as special features such as panorama, focus time-lapse, motion time-lapse, long exposure time-lapse, camera settings, and more.

Key Features

  • 14.3 lb Payload, Zoom and Focus Wheel
  • Redesigned Detachable SmartSling Handle
  • Updated Axis Locking System
  • ViaTouch 2.0 Remote Motion Control

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Zhiyun-Tech was the first to introduce an underslung handle to gimbals. This was achieved with the release of its CRANE 3, a highly reinvented version of the company’s flagship gimbal. An underslung handle is now the norm in gimbals, but only via add-on brackets, whereas in Zhiyun’s CRANE 3, it was intrinsic to the design. Continuing to innovate, today Zhiyun has announced its new CRANE 3S 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer, redesigned for larger cine camera setups. It’s also modular, supporting various key add-ons, including an extension bracket that attaches to the angled motor arm to make space for cine cameras with large battery packs. Much stronger motors were also incorporated, allowing for an increased payload of 14.3 lb. The new design now provides a total of nine varied mounting points for more direct compatibility with jibs, cable cams, Easyrig systems, and other professional equipment.

Three versions were announced. The CRANE 3S comes with a SmartSling Handle, the CRANE 3S-E with an EasySling Handle, and the nearly fully-loaded CRANE 3S PRO includes the SmartSling Handle and multiple other add-ons.


Cross-Compatibility. You can Imagine.

One of the supported modules is the TransMount Power Plus Battery Pack, which attaches to the gimbal and holds six 18650 batteries. Besides providing for longer run times, the extra battery power will allow the CRANE 3S to react better to intense motions, similar to the way stronger audio speakers sound better, even at low volumes. A complementary new lens motor system interacts not just with the focus handwheel but also with a zoom rocker on one of the add-on gimbal handles, and it uses a marking disc. The CRANE 3S has a time-lapse feature, and one of the new add-ons is the Timelapse Master, which enhances the time-lapse feature and allows for a more efficient professional workflow.


Continuous Uptime Supported by PowerPlus. Improved Zoom Focus System.

Other features that complete the redesign include a new algorithm that ensures increased responsiveness and smoother motion. Also, the motor arm is now angled at 55 degrees, allowing for an even better view of the camera display. The ViaTouch 2.0 app has been enhanced to bridge communication between the gimbal, camera, and monitoring devices.


Properly Calculated 55° Broader Vision. Also, ViaTouch 2.0.

The new gimbal also supports Zhiyun’s TransMount Image Transmission System. One major capability of this system is remote hand motion control. Standing at a distance from the gimbal, you can move the ITC in any direction with your hands, based on how you see the subject, and the gimbal will mimic the movements.


SyncMotion Visualized Control. Triple Control, Film at Your Will.




Number of Axes 3-Axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
Rotation Range Yaw (Pan): 360°
Pitch (Tilt): 360°
Roll: 330° (-255 to 75°)
Load Capacity 1.32 to 14.3 lb / 0.6 to 6.49 kg


Ports 1 x USB Type-C (Power / Control) Input
1 x Proprietary (25.2 VDC Power) Input
Wireless Protocol Bluetooth 5.0


Battery Type 3 x 18650
Capacity (mAh) 2600 mAh
Battery Runtime 12 Hours
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Voltage 9.8 to 11.1 VDC


Operating Voltage 9.8 to 25.2 VDC
Operating Current 360 to 5400 mA (Maximum)